Bruna G Marth Says She’s “Just Friends” with William Chan

Bruna G Marth Says She’s “Just Friends” with William Chan

William Chan’s (陳偉霆) rumored girlfriend Bruna G Marth was drilled about her speculated relationship with the actor when she attended “Fashion Walk Opening Party” in Hong Kong yesterday. They became a rumored item after keen-eyed netizens discovering her link to William in a few of her Instagram posts.

“We are friends,” she said. “[But] we can go out, it’s not a problem.”

Bruna’s response did not seem very convincing. Interactions between the pair on Instagram showed that they are in frequent contact, and all the images and messages that were originally linked to William have now been deleted by Bruna.

Asking when she and William first became friends, the Brazilian model said, “Right now I don’t remember.”

Although she denied the relationship, she was all praises when she was asked about her thoughts on William. “He’s handsome, [a] good boy, King of Drama… King of Everything. He has a good heart.” She also mentioned William’s song “1121”, which was released in 2015.

William’s fans were definitely not happy about his new rumored relationship. Bombarding Bruna’s Weibo with negative messages, they all exclaimed that Bruna wasn’t good enough for The Mystic Nine <老九門> star.

Bruna reassured, “We don’t need to worry about these [messages]. I know his fans love him so much, but we are just friends.” Asking if a future relationship with William would be possible, she said, “I don’t know the future.”


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2017 Weibo Awards Ceremony

The four most bankable actresses (四小花旦) of the post-85 generation: Yang Mi, Angelababy, Ni Ni and Liu Shishi, as chosen by netizens and industry insiders.

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Sina’s prepared random awards for all attendees, and the actor-related ones are listed below:

Weibo King: Deng Chao
Weibo Queen: Yang Mi
Weibo Entertainers of the Year: He Jiong, Huang Bo, Jolin Tsai
Weibo Gods of the Year:
 Wallace Chung, Wang Kai, Tong Dawei, Lu Yi
Weibo Goddesses of the Year: Ni Ni, Liu Shishi, Yuan Quan, Hu Jing
Weibo Most Searched Celebrities of the Year: Li Yifeng, Angelababy
Weibo Popular Stars of the Year: Zhang Yishan, Yang Zi, Jing Tian, Guan Xiaotong
Actors of the Year: Liu Tao, Pan Yueming
Movies of the Year: Wolf Warrior II, Twenty Two, Youth
Drama of the Year: In the Name of the People
Web Drama of the Year: Day & Night


Jolin Tsai

Yang Mi

Ni Ni

Liu Shishi

Guli Nazha

Jing Tian

Li Yuchun

Yuan Quan in Robeto Cavalli

Liu Tao in Alexander Arutyunov

Kris Wu in Burberry

Li Yifeng in Gucci

Wallace Chung in Burberry, Wang Kai in Lanvin, Tong Dawei, Lu Yi

Huang Bo, He Jiong (MC), Jolin Tsai

TF Boys

Angelababy, Deng Chao

Guan Xiaotong, Yang Zi, Zhang Yishan (three of the most popular post-90s actors)

Yang Zi in Temperley London


A Better Tomorrow 2018 to screen in U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand

This movie has already won for having some of the prettiest posters yet (ignore the 0119).

Known for his action flicks that often reminds one of the golden days of Hong Kong cinema, director Ding Sheng pays tribute to a Hong Kong classic in A Better Tomorrow 2018 英雄本色 2018.  The film will be shown in select theaters in  North America (US and Canada) beginning January19th and in Australia and New Zealand beginning the 24th.

If you’re one of the rare Cfensi readers who live in Asia,  the film will screen  in mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, India and other unnamed parts of South Asia.  

Synopsis –   Zhou Kai (Wang Kai) is a reformed smuggler trying to make amends with his up-and-rising police star brother (Ma Tianyu). While he struggles  between his love for his little brother and loyalty to his former partner-in-crime Ma Ke (Darren Wang), the three all become entangled in a smuggling plot by the new leader of Zhou Kai  and Ma Ke’s old gang.

Teaser 1; Teaser 2 ; Teaser 3 ; song by Wang Leehom ; only good song; song by Wang Kai


Jessica Hsuan Has Not Decided If She Would Attend TVB Anniversary Awards

Jessica Hsuan Has Not Decided If She Would Attend TVB Anniversary Awards

After her landslide Best Actress win at the 2017 TVB Star Awards Malaysia, people were betting that Jessica Hsuan (宣萱), who won the award for portraying “Mall Jeh” in the TVB drama My Unfair Lady <不懂撒嬌的女人>, would also win TV Queen at this weekend’s TVB Anniversary Awards. Jessica said she does not expect to win.

“My win in Malaysia has definitely shook my confidence,” said the 47-year-old actress. “I don’t expect to win this time.” Jessica added that she hasn’t even decided if she would attend the awards, but she already has already has an outfit prepared.

Asking if she has already casted in her TV King and Queen votes, Jessica said she voted for Natalie Tong (唐詠詩), her costar in My Unfair Lady. “She’s matured so much.” What about TV King? “Kenneth Ma! He has a pretty big chance [to win].” What if you won? “It’ll be satisfying, but I rather win it for my role in Line Walker: The Prelude <使徒行者>.”

In regard to the rumors that Jessica’s asking price went up three times after her Malaysia win, Jessica clarified, “That’s a bit too exaggerated! But it’s true that I’ve been offered more jobs. I am a free agent and I used to manage my own jobs, and things would get awkward whenever we started to negotiate about price. Now that I have a manager, everything’s been much more relaxing for me.”

She stressed that her decision to pursue acting was never for money, but for her own interest. She never thought she had to prove anything or desired to reach the top, but she did recall an experience in 2015 that inspired her to be more ambitious. “He told me I was getting old and I needed to change careers. I really want to thank him now, because he reminded me of why I’m doing this. My immediate reaction to his comment was that I didn’t agree—I felt that with different age comes different roles, but his words have now become my driving force.”

When Jessica first stepped on stage to receive her Best Actress honor at Malaysia’s TVB Star Awards, she was shaking with happiness. “It was a time for me to express my feelings. This award encourages me, reminds me that I came into the industry because I love acting, and not for the money.”


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Rape Scene Went Too Far: Judy Sin Was Truly Sexually Violated in Eric Tsang’s Movie

Rape Scene Went Too Far: Judy Sin Was Truly Sexually Violated in Eric Tsang’s Movie

With recent sexual harassment claims against Eric Tsang (曾志偉) surfacing, the sexual violation of Hong Kong actress Judy Sin on the set of Eric’s film Fatal Attraction topped Chinese search engines. As the director for the movie, Eric told Judy that he wanted realism– although “the [rape] scene was fake, she has to do it for real”.

Fatal Attraction is a 1990 film about a group of tourists who went to the Philippines and were kidnapped amid the riots. In a controversial scene, Judy’s character was raped by a Filipino soldier (portrayed by an actor called in for the role last minute). Although Judy screamed during the filming of the scene, Eric thought she was immersed in her acting and did not stop the camera. Sexually violated on the set, Judy never recovered from the horrific experience and soon retired from acting.

Rape Scene Went too Far

After the incident, Eric spoke to the media about what happened on the set of Fatal Attraction. At first, he planned to film the rape scene in which Judy would be dragged out of the room and then returned with her clothes ripped apart. However, Eric claimed Judy wanted to make her performance stand out more so he decided to film the scene more explicitly. Eric promised that he would watch the footage with Judy afterward and if the scene is too revealing, he would delete the footage. After thinking about it for a few days, Judy agreed to film the rape scene.

Eric said, “To give more realism to the scene, we didn’t shred her clothes ahead of time. She was asked to wear pasties so that her nipples wouldn’t be exposed. I told the cinematographer that he can walk with the camera and film from [whatever angle] he wants. Before filming, I asked her to slap the actor’s face and kick him down there so he will be more provoked and immersed in the scene.”

“The limit is that the [penis] would not penetrate,” Eric said. He told Judy to “scream if something went wrong”. Eric stepped out of the room and only left the cinematographer with Judy and the actors to film the scene.

“Who knew, right after the camera started rolled, she started screaming. I thought that she was too into her role and didn’t respond. It wasn’t until someone started cursing that I knew we went too far. When I rushed in, the female artistic director was hugging [Judy] and said I was inhumane.”

Although Judy’s rape scene was included in the final cut of Fatal Attraction, the more explicit details were deleted. Judy reportedly had nightmares following her sexual violation and ended her short-lived acting career afterward.


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“A Better Tomorrow 2018” Drops in Theaters January 18

“A Better Tomorrow 2018” Drops in Theaters January 18

Ding Sheng’s (丁晟) hot-blooded adaptation of John Woo’s (吳宇森) hit movie A Better Tomorrow <英雄本色> will be hitting theaters on January 18, unraveling a new story of brotherhood and heroic bloodshed.

A Better Tomorrow 2018 stars Wang Kai (王凯) and Ma Tianyu (马天宇) as two estranged brothers who come into each other’s life again after the older brother, a drug smuggler, is released from prison. His younger brother, now a rising star in the police department, finds it hard to repair their relationship. Darren Wang (王大陸) also stars as a member of Wang Kai’s triad, and his close friend.

The original film, which starred Ti Lung (狄龍), Leslie Cheung (張國榮), and Chow Yun-fat (周潤發), was a cultural hit that defined the “heroic bloodshed” genre of Hong Kong action cinema. It broke multiple records when it was released in August 1986, and went on to become one of Hong Kong’s most successful films to break into international markets, including South Korea and the United States. In 2010, South Korea released a remake directed by Song Hae-sung.

Check out the trailer below!


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Eric Tsang Knocks Down Sexual Harassment Claims: “I Respect Women; Come Investigate Me!”

Eric Tsang Knocks Down Sexual Harassment Claims: “I Respect Women; Come Investigate Me!”

Facing building sexual harassment claims,  64-year-old Eric Tsang (曾志偉) held a press conference today to clear his name. Accompanied by his son, Eric stated at the press conference that the sexual harassment claims are “completely falsified!” He said, “Respecting women is my principle. I am willing to accept any investigation.”

Last week, a re-edited video circulated suggesting that the men who had raped retired actress Yammie Lam (藍潔瑛) thirty years ago were Eric Tsang and the late actor, Alan Tang (鄧光榮). In addition, the former Chairman of Ford Models in Asia Grace Han 韓穎華 claimed that Eric Tsang had tried to spike the drink of one of her trainees at a karaoke bar, and that he is a well-known sexual predator in the entertainment industry.  

Eric Tsang to Press Charges

Eric is officially pressing charges against Grace Han for slandering his reputation. To prove his innocence, he is willing to cooperate with any investigations.

Furthermore, old rumors about the Hong Kong Star Soccer Team making sexual endeavors while traveling for one of their games, were dug up recently. As a member of the soccer team, Eric felt a need to clarify the rumors. “We pressed charges against these claims in 2006 and won the case. I can’t believe that someone will still use this rumor to smear us again.”

Eric said, “This incident made me deeply aware that if I tolerate the allegations, it will just make cyber violence become worse and harder for the truth to surface. Although this make a momentary impact on the Internet, it can damage the involved person(s) for life. I hope such incidents become less frequent. As this case has entered legal proceedings, I will no longer [publicly] talk about it anymore.”

Grace Han: “Eric Tsang is Despicable!”

On January 11, Grace Han called out Eric for his sexual advances against a Ford Model trainee in the past. Through the public shaming, Grace hopes to raise awareness and escape similar sexual endeavors. Grace said, “The despicable man did not commit just one [indecent] act. I hope more victims can step forward to press charges. Like the despicable Hollywood film producer who now faces legal charges!”

Grace is unafraid of Eric pressing charges against her. As she is already in her seventies, she felt that even if she sacrifices herself to reveal Eric for his despicable actions, it is worth it.

Grace added, “Since the incident already happened, [he] should face the consequences. If the despicable man is willing to apologize to Yammie Lam, then he will have a more positive image and his wife and children’s [defensive] actions [are unnecessary]. The despicable man has committed many terrible acts and will not stop now. His wife and children are just expecting the [worst].”

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