[MV] Tia Ray’s “Breakup” 說散就散

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January 14, 2018 in MUSIC, Music Videos, NEWS

[MV] Tia Ray’s “Breakup” 說散就散

Tia Ray (袁婭維) lends her soulful voice to the latest rendition of singer JC‘s hit single “Breakup” <說散就散>. As the theme song to Mainland Chinese movie The Ex-Files: The Return of the Exes <前任3:再見前任>, Tia’s rendition has been climbing the music charts since its release.

Hong Kong singer JC’s original release of “Breakup” in 2016 had stunned fans with her strong vocals and emotional depth, while Tia’s new rendition is tender and haunting.

MV of “Breakup” by Tia Ray

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[MV] Tia Ray’s “Breakup” 說散就散

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