On-location Scenic Shots from The Legend of Jade Sword

Here are some pretty scenery to enjoy from Hawick Lau and Wang Ou’s The Legend of Jade Sword 莽荒纪, which aired today on QQ (available outside of China). Advertisements

Etta Ng’s Girlfriend Just Wants Money

Etta Ng’s girlfriend, Andi Autumn, is toxic and just wants money.

Music Monday: Fan Yuanyuan- Matriachy

Fan Yuanyuan brings an air of idgaf nonchalance to Amit’s angry “Matriachy”. Advertisements

Sinology Sunday: Disney Princesses if they were Chinese

Here’s a gorgeous re-envisioning of Disney princesses, queens, and sometimes even a rabbit if they were Chinese  by photographer 老妖.    Advertisements

Promo Round-up: Here to Heart

Here to Heart stars Zhang Han and Janine Chang as lovers who can’t forget about each other even after seven years apart. The trailer tells us that Wen Nuan feels partly responsible for her and Nanxian’s father’s death, which prompts her to break up with … Continue reading

Hu Ge, Wan Qian reunite in director Diao Yinan’s new film

L-R: Liao Fan, executive producer, Gwei Lunmei, Diao Yinan, Hu Ge Game of Hunting costars Hu Ge and Wan Qian have been cast in A Gathering at Southern Railway Station 南方车站聚会 (lit.), the latest project from art film director Diao Yinan. The movie will focus on one man’s redemption … Continue reading

Chloé Zhao lands new Amazon film, in talks to direct Black Widow solo film

Some updates on director Chloé Zhao, who is still writing fan-fiction online and paying off her student loans as of last month. Don’t forget to support her by watching The Rider in theaters now! Amazon has picked up her upcoming film … Continue reading